Hi  I'm Lee Bauer, I'm running for U.S. House in the 5th Congressional District.  Independents are likely to win in Kansas, Maine and New York. In Minnesota we have Independents gaining as well.  In this district, where a Democrat has held this seat for decades, you have the choice to pick an alternative to Mr. Ellison. I strongly believe that for our urban and diverse district, that alternative should be an Independent and not a Republican.

Reform matters.  Politicians often play lip service to it. I want to be honest with you.  We have big problems to fix and its going to be hard work, requiring sacrifice from all of us. Here are some of the reforms you can expect from me:

1)  Making debt reduction a priority in government and in our personal lives, from government over spending and under collecting to student loans.

2), A focus on bring manufacturing back to America.  Imagine if we had decent paying manufacturing jobs in some of our most depressed areas.  What a difference that would make.

3),  Reforming education so that businesses can help direct some of the curriculum.

4),  Reforming how we spend money on roads and infrastructure, making maintenance a priority.

5), Enabling the states to reform healthcare autonomously from the federal government. Yes, we need healthcare.  No, we should not have a system which lines the pockets of insurance companies with mandated policies.

Those are some of my many messages of reform, now a little about me. I'm a father of a 20 year old who is short changed! I work in manufacturing, including machine work and quality assurance.  My partner Lee and I have been happy to see change in the past two years. I think it's time that the same reform we have seen in our social policies should be extended to our economic policies. America deserves it.